just me

Vacation 2008 PCB 014

Jesus-follower, newlywed to an amazing man, momma to the world’s most awesome lil’ ladies, advocate for spina bifida awareness, nurse practitioner, blessed with the best family ever, learning how to serve & follow a God I can’t figure out…yep, that’s me!

3 thoughts on “just me

  1. This is beautiful! You are an awesome person and I feel blessed to know you. God Bless you and your family and Happy Birthday Faith. 🙂

  2. Hi! Was blessed to have stumbled upon your page, but I’d prefer to think of it as allowing God to direct my paths! I am an adult female with spina bifida, recently feeling like God wants to use me to share my disability with others, rather than to blend into a crowd as someone anonymous and forget that it exists. After all, God made me this way for a reason. So…I’m stepping out! Your daughter is adorable and she will have an abundant life! I am happily married and living in beautiful Idaho, a bit of a distance from you, but if you wish to correspond from afar, that would be great!

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