Beachbody is something new I’ve ventured into & I LOVE it! It is not a diet, not a cocktail of pills or supplements you have to take, but rather, it is a lifestyle. Clean eating & exercise. And it WORKS! Prior to joining Beachbody, I had tried lots of things to get myself in shape and healthy to little or no avail.

Calorie counting (hated it!), Weight Watchers, South Beach diet, low carb, heck–I tried no carb. None of which were sustainable for me. I would stick to it for a bit, then fall off the wagon more frustrated than ever. These different diets had me counting points, carbs & calories, without actually learning how to change my lifestyle. 

With Beachbody, I eat clean, meaning no processed foods, no sugary foods from bags & packages. There are no pre-made meals I have to stick to, no points to count. I eat the same foods as my family! We plan our menu every weekend for the next week. I have access to an entire library of workouts I can stream directly to my TV, and workout comfortably AT HOME with my husband (& even our kiddos 🙂 ).

So, eating clean, nutritious foods, with no supplements to buy, getting in 30 minutes of exercise a day at home, AND having unlimited access online to a coach who is experienced with the program–who can talk me off the edge when I want to drive through and buy those greasy fried meals after a stressful day. A coach who can email me recipes when I think I can’t find anything else to cook. Who can help me figure out why my progress has plateaued, or help me set new goals when I reach the ones I’ve set for myself.

No meetings to attend. No supplements to take.

It is the healthy way to lose weight, build muscle, clean up your eating habits, and GET HEALTHY! As a nurse practitioner, my entire career is built around helping people learn how to achieve their best health, & encourage a lifetime of healthy eating & fitness habits.

And seriously, the cost of clean eating & exercise with Beachbody is minimal compared to the health & wellness benefits you will reap!

I would love to share my story with you! Feel free to My Beachbody Page and I can help you get started to meeting all your health & fitness goals.