In case you somehow fell off the face of the earth & didn’t see our facebook feeds blow up, Graham & I are 100% officially now husband & wife!!! πŸ™‚ In case you’ve missed this blog for the past year, that’s how long he & I have been together; we have known for sometime now that marriage was God’s plan for us as a couple, and so on Friday the 18th we officially started that journey!

And yes, I AM on my honeymoon, and IF you know us at all you know that we are frequent visitors to bookstores, coffee shops, & any other funky eclectic places where we can sit and write. It’s us, it’s what we do.

And tonight, I sit across a coffee shop table from my husband….my HUSBAND. Staring at that silver band on his ring finger, and realizing that God has brought me on & through a journey I wouldn’t believe had I not lived to tell it myself. And He has gifted me with an incredibly loving, giving, God-seeking man, who, just an hour ago, sat on the side of the road off Duval street with greasy hands and a sweat-soaked shirt trying to fix my bicycle after I somehow managed to get my skirt caught in the chain and messed it all up (which ended up needing to be replaced–the bike–not my skirt πŸ˜‰ ). And then realizing it couldn’t be fixed, took me to a crab shack where we dined on conch fritters, tilapia, shrimp and drank yuengling while waiting for a new bike.

You would think that after the past few years I would learn that MY plans are never God’s plans. I THOUGHT I had learned this.

After Friday’s wedding, it is apparent I have not.

Mine & Graham’s goal for wedding planning all along has been to create a very stress-free, fun celebration of family & friends, without all the frills and fuss. I picked my wedding dress & my bridesmaids’ dresses in a day, he very sweetly let me have my way with all things burlap and lace, picking out whatever I thought best. I blew up Etsy and bought practically the whole wedding off there πŸ˜‰

On Friday, I thought we were ready.

We had rehearsed. We had a plan. The toasting speeches were ready, the dresses pressed and the honeymoon bags were packed.

And then it rained.

At first thought, I assumed God would NOT allow it to rain on my wedding day. How could He? This was the day that redeemed so much of what we both had went through in the past, beyond anything I could’ve dreamed. The forecast had predicted ZERO percent chance of rain. Cool temps. Perfect for an outdoor wedding because it seemed we were practically GUARANTEED perfect weather.

Despite my prayers (& the initial zero percent chance of rain), it rained the whole day.

My initial response was to be a little angry. As if it weren’t enough that my girls & I had gained an amazing man in our little family, that he loved us relentlessly, that he not only loved the girls, he WANTED to be my partner in parenting. He had endured being pooped on, puked on, cried on, and of course, loved on. He had weathered the bad days with me and was willing to weather them the rest of our lives if necessary, and celebrate the good days.

And I felt a little peeved that God would allow it to rain. When will I ever learn?

We made the decision to move the ceremony to the covered patio at the vineyard where we were married. It turned out gorgeous!! The rain made it much more romantic and at one point I remember I was actually GLAD it was raining. We had our closest friends, family & co-workers present. So many other things that day went on a different plan than we had anticipated–we started late due to an interstate wreck that held up some of our guests, the cake was late as a result, I walked down the aisle to the wrong song, neither of the girls wanted to wear their wedding Toms & so Faith wore her dirty tennis shoes & Zoe went barefoot…but you know what…



And I would not change a thing. I will remember that day the rest of my life. There are only a handful of days in my life I can truly say were the best ever. Faith & Zoe’s births are a couple. And now, my wedding day to my sweet husband Graham is another…since nothing went according to planned, I will remember it forever despite the busyness that accompanies one’s wedding day.



It was the perfect day. I felt beautiful in my dress, my husband looked stunningly handsome, the girls were SO sweet….Zoe’s first words to me were “Your dress is beautiful mommy,” and Faith’s first words were “Woah Mommy, you look so pretty!”Β 

And now…we are on this amazing, gorgeous honeymoon, where I am savoring every moment with him. Because we both know that once we return, real life comes with it. The crazy busy workdays return, traffic jams, hectic evenings, and kiddo meltdowns. But in addition to that, we also get the good…the hugs & kisses and the “I love-you’s” from the girls, date nights, evenings with our friends, and knowing that no matter what, we each have a partner for the journey.


I would not change a thing.

The journey to this point for us both was long & painful. But it was also full of growth, hope & promise. I could not have handpicked a better man for myself & the girls. When I try to imagine what life holds for our new family in six months, a year, or ten years from now, I can come up with all sorts of incredible dreams for us.

You would think by now I would have learned.

I can’t wait to see how God blows my little human-minded, feeble plans out of the water with His own perfect plans for our family πŸ™‚ He is SO good!


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