survival mode

This week has totally thrown me for a loop. I am sure there is some hilarity in all of this mess which is why I am spending the time to document it all. 

Currently though, I am not laughing. 

Thankfully, I have gotten all of my Christmas shopping done prior to this week, otherwise I may have changed my mind and been giving out coal and rocks this year (kidding! 😉 ). 

This photo pretty much sums up my week…



The dreaded full moon. And the week before Christmas at that 😦

I have been a parent now for four years. I have seen my share of toddler tantrums and meltdowns. It happens. Normally I just roll with it and come up with different things to try to manage the madness and move on. 

This week though, we’ve had more meltdowns than usual, at the most inopportune times. Even Zoe, my child who loves to sleep and always has been so easy, was not immune. I have found myself recounting the newborn days–getting woke up at 4 and 5 am for no real reason. I have spent every.single.way.too.early morning crouched beside Zoe’s bed, trying to convince her why she needs to go back to sleep instead of getting up to play.

I have attempted to convince Faith why you can’t put boots on BEFORE your pants, why she has to comb her hair for school, and that no, putting a hat on over it ONCE because we were running late doesn’t mean we can do it every day. One morning, I even literally had to pick the child up out of bed and carry her to the bathroom to get ready because she refused to get up and we were going to be late.

And…if that weren’t bad enough…

A wild animal decided to attempt to take refuge somewhere in my car near the heater, and yes, built a nest. No folks, I am not making this stuff up. So my heat went out. So off I went to Toyota. 

Even after sitting at the dealership for yes, two hours, I really was not expecting to hear a wild animal had basically cost me upwards of $800+ dollars. Oh yeah, I needed a new battery too. I knew that. And…there are multiple recalls on my vehicle that need fixed. 

Of course.

Merry Christmas to me.

At this point, it’s survival mode folks. Make it through the week. Christmas is coming. And that means sunshine, and rainbows, and toys, and perhaps the stars all align and we have an ENTIRE day with no meltdowns, nothing unexpected, no chaos. Right?

Wishful thinking perhaps, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed 😉

Tonight began the bedtime battle once again. I tucked in the ladies, gave them sippies, and strawberries, we sang songs, said prayers, tucked & re-tucked a million times. 

And then I shut their doors, went to my room, and climbed in the shower. Yeah, I knew someone would probably cry. And one (or both!) would probably get up out of bed to come get me for one more something. But hey, survival mode means mommy gets a sanity moment. 

And when my moment was over, I felt MUCH better, and you know what…they were ASLEEP!!! (and no, this was not a long, leisurely shower. I’m not really certain what that is 😉 ). 

A friend posted this on my wall tonight and it pretty much sums up how I have felt about this week…


LOVE THIS. Here’s hoping all you other parents out there survive the full moon (i.e., the nightmare before Christmas 😉 ) and we make it to the weekend. Here’s hoping my kiddos sleep all night, no one wakes up at 4 am, and I don’t end up having to put another kid in my bed in the middle of the night just so we all can get some sleep.

Survival mode.


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