The whole reason I ever started blogging in the first place, is so I would have a space to record things I wanted to remember. Because one day, I’ll be old (gasp!), and odds are I won’t remember all this stuff. And the girls might want to know. How cool would it have been if my mom had been blogging when I was little (no guilt mom, the internet didn’t exist then 😉 ).

So here’s what I’ve learned since becoming a single mom. And where I would’ve learned these things if I hadn’t been a single mom, well, who knows? I only know what I know.

1. You second-guess yourself all.the.time. (Am I totally screwing up my kids? Am I working too much? Am I spending enough time with them, etc?)

2. Park next to grocery cart returns. Trust me on this.

3. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend the money in a store to buy that toy, if it means you get a peaceful shopping trip.

4. Grandparents & babysitters are worth their weight in gold. Like, for real, if I had any gold, I’d be giving it to ’em!

5. You feel guilty. A lot. Reference back to point #1.

6. Sometimes letting the kids stay up a little later, eat a sugary snack before bed, and reading that one extra book is totally worth it and makes the world feel right again.

7. Sometimes I just want to run. Far, far away. Where I don’t hear cartoons, or have to talk about ponies, or fill up sippy cups (don’t worry when you read this many years from now ladies…I never did 🙂 )

8. Diet coke & coffee keep me alive.

9. Early morning snuggles with half-asleep kiddos are the BEST. Repeat–BEST.

10. My kids have seen me cry. And I think that’s okay. Most of the time.

11. Sometimes, on the really bad, chaotic & stressful days, we eat dessert first. Which usually involves ice cream 😉 And somehow, that helps. Yeah–I know. Stress eating. Priorities here, people!! That’s the name of the game 😉

12. There is nothing quite like hearing that sweet baby say “I love you,” or put their teeny tiny arms around your neck and squeeze as hard as they can. And it’s not a very hard squeeze by any means, but it is special because you know that’s as hard as THEY can squeeze. And THEY volunteered to tell you they love you—you didn’t say it first.

13. You pray. A lot. And when you revert back to #1 or #5, you start all over with the praying.

That’s what I have learned as a single mom. It isn’t the brightest, or the wisest, and probably won’t win me any parenting awards, but if it somehow helps me raise these ladies to make HIM known than that means I have succeeded.

Saw this quote the other night and I LOVE it. I think I’m gonna write it down and add it to my corkboard of all the quotes & scripture verses that are favorites…

“My goal should be to raise kids who love God & make His goodness known in their little corner of the world.” -Lysa Terkeurst


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