the climb.

No, I won’t be linking up to the Miley Cyrus song if that’s what you think my title implies 😉 No need to worry! It’s funny that last Friday I mentioned in my post that all last week, I was reminded of one of my favorite scripture verses.


It was a very chaotic & overwhelming week, and I found myself continually reminded of these words from Psalm 61:2…

From the ends of the earth I call to you,
I call as my heart grows faint;
lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

I really think God has a sense of humor. And I know He goes before us in all things. So I know it was more than just ironic that after being overwhelmed all week, and continually reminded that God is my rock, the one that is higher than I am, that I would end up climbing this…


Yes–I climbed that. This picture was taken while standing near the bottom of the gigantic death trap rock. It is called Courthouse Rock, & I have absolutely no idea how high it is, but trust me when I say, it was high.

On Thursday as my crazy week was well underway, Graham threw out the suggestion that maybe we should go hiking over the weekend at Red River Gorge. I couldn’t remember ever having been there, and his twin brother Aaron and his sweet wife Rebecca could join us. The ladies had a weekend scheduled with the grandparents, so off we went 🙂

The day was perfect & gorgeous. We hiked a grand total of five miles, ate granola bars & bananas (typical hiking food) along with what has been dubbed “Krogeritos” (i.e., generic Doritos but they still taste awesome. Especially after hiking 5 miles!). I may not be able to run five miles straight as this point, but I sure can hike ’em.

We made it to Courthouse Rock after three or four miles in, and I already knew I wanted to climb it. Or at least try. After climbing over walls and such at the Warrior Dash, I knew I was capable of at least attempting it.

Once we started up, & I got over my initial fear of “oh geez, I am actually climbing a MOUNTAIN!”, it wasn’t so bad. There weren’t many footholds, so you had to take advantage of what you could, and sometimes wedge yourself in between the juts of rock sticking out. I have realized once I get about halfway up on things like this, I tend to feel panicked as I realize I am too far in now. It’s either up or down but it’s gonna take some work either direction I go.

So we pushed on. A few times I’d slow down, get nervous, but I’d hear Graham yelling from behind me that I could do it. And so I did.

Although this isn’t the view from the top (couldn’t pack my cell phone up with me 😦 ) it IS a view from the top of another rock we were on…



It’s really impossible to describe the view from Courthouse Rock. Every single direction you turn there is nothing but amazing views. It is beautiful. And somewhat overwhelming. Not to mention how awesome it feels to know that you actually conquered your fears and made it.

I am learning my life is a lot like that. I’ll trust God to get me about halfway into something, and then I panic. And I let fear creep in and I let doubt start festering, and my heart screams “I CAN’T DO THIS!” And the whole time He is behind me saying “YES. YOU CAN. I AM HERE.” What I am learning I have to do is stop turning and looking behind me. When I was on that rock, as long as I kept looking UP, kept moving forward, I was okay. It was the times I’d turn around, look down and see just how far I had climbed, that I would panic. I’d think about falling. About getting myself hurt. And that’s when I’d stop moving forward.

I’m thankful God used last week’s craziness to remind me of my verse. That HE is that rock higher than I am. And that I actually climbed a rock that was indeed literally higher than what I ever thought I could climb. Funny how He works to teach us lessons.

Here we are after our massive rock-climbing/five mile hike. Sweaty & nasty (sorry folks–that’s just how it is!)…


And no, this last picture isn’t from yesterday, but this is just proof that we CAN clean up well. But the hike was well worth the dirt we accumulated along the way!



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