My goal of blogging more frequently remains just that…a goal. NOT one I have obviously met 🙂 I have gotten several calls, texts & messages lately to check on us, and this was my “ah ha!” moment that I needed to update the blog. 

Life lately has been a smorgasbord of great, good, & overwhelming. It’s hard to believe I have been living in Lexington almost two months now, and have been at my new job for a month. Time flies when you’re having fun.

First, for the good & the great. This list is so extensive it might take me a while to list out everything, so I won’t relish you to boredom by spelling out every.single.detail, but let me just say, I LOVE living here. I am thankful that even when life pulls the rug out from under your feet, God makes deserts in the wastelands. His timing is always spot on, and for me that timing meant having the ability to move forward, pack up & head to Lexington. I remember many nights back in the winter & spring, wondering how in the world this move would ever be accomplished, and now it is done. And I am grateful for my great God who has paved the way for me and the girls.

Our new house is coming right along and we are still on track to be moving into it this fall. The girls love to go see it, although for them it’s more exciting to play with wood chips and the builders’ tools they leave laying around 😉 I am becoming more & more able to imagine the girls & I living here. Sometimes the sadness creeps in at random unexpected moments and reminds me that we will be living in that big house by ourselves. That the “his & hers” closets will just be “hers,” and this journey can be very overwhelming. But again…I refuse to let fear consume my heart. God has proven himself faithful time & again, and so I must rely on his track record & know He will continue to take care of us. 

This is my most favorite picture of the girls in our new house. They wanted to stand at Zoe’s bedroom window and look outside. They are too young to ever remember this season of our lives (which may very well be a good thing!), but I love this picture. This house is new. Fresh. Untouched. I love the promise that God is making all things new, and I am ready to build new memories and start a new journey here. I think I will frame this picture and hang it somewhere…



I have finally gotten everything squared away for Zoe. Getting her therapies arranged has taken me longer than I’d anticipated, but I think it’s finished. We have been very blessed so far to have good therapists here, and some amazing resources. I still don’t quite feel like I have settled into any particular schedule or routine, but it’s coming and I’m trying to be patient (that’s just my type A, control-freak emerging–it’s a work in progress, people ;))

Thankfully, my new job is very flexible with scheduling, and I can start my day at whatever time I want to, and end at whatever time I want. This is a huge blessing because I can be available to still take Zoe to some appointments. Even Faith has tagged along and she loves it because she gets to play with all kinds of cool new stuff. Even the waiting room is pretty cool…


Zoe’s new therapists have came up with some awesome plans to keep her progressing. After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So we just keep chugging away. We are working on getting her pulling to stand independently. She’s doing pretty good with it, and then comes the walking after that with her little walker. It’s a process but thankfully we have lots of awesome help to get her there. 



This kid seriously is my hero! She works harder than even some adults I know…and she never complains, she is such an amazing blessing! 

Another thing (which I hadn’t imagined I’d do) is give in and let the girls get a pet. My former co-worker had baby kittens to give away, and I thought this might help our transition by giving the girls something to play with & help take care of. I always loved (& still do!) having pets, & I miss it. So….we got a kitten!

We have had Calla not even a week yet. She is the sweetest little baby and finally warming up to us and coming out of hiding 😉 Can’t blame her much though–two sets of little hands squeezing and loving all over her is bound to be a bit scary when you’re not used to it. 

It totally melts my heart to see these sweet things together…






The overwhelming part comes and goes. Learning a new job in itself is overwhelming. Coupled with a recent divorce, navigating the waters of single parenting, having another house on the market, building a NEW house, and getting settled in general, the weight of it all sometimes can feel SO heavy. I have gotten much better about managing my emotions with regards to my failed marriage, & I am finally in a much better place than I was back in the winter. Managing the kids & the job, though…again…a work in progress. Really, all of it is a work in progress. And when those overwhelming moments come, all I can really do is be thankful for how far I have came, and be excited to see what God will do in our future. 

But that’s our update. We are doing really, really good. WAY better than I could have ever imagined had you told me all of this six months ago. Our God is good, he is doing amazing things, and even on the dark days–although fewer and farther in between, He brings peace, comfort, and the reminder that He is never surprised. 





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