’cause everyone needs a day off!

What do you do when your plans for the day get cancelled unexpectedly?

You go to the park 🙂


This morning I had scheduled Zoe some consults with Cardinal Hill to get set up for her physical therapy & such. Those of you who know me, know I am a planner & so I have had things arranged for some time to get the girls’ pediatrician appointments, new therapists, etc. I can plan & schedule like a boss 😉

Yesterday evening I got a phone call that the appointments today had to be cancelled, and so we will get that done on another day.

So we headed out (ya’ll know I can’t just sit around the house all day 😉 )

We wasted gas learned our way around town, ate whole containers of raspberries & blackberries, talked about My Little Ponies, walked a mile at the park, got lost in a wooden maze jungle gym that was way too small for anyone over the age of 8, quacked at the ducks, and came home.

It was perfect.

These are the days I crave. Sometimes it’s good to have a last minute change of plans.


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