A Very Lovell Christmas

I can’t believe the holidays are here first of all–(seriously–wasn’t it Halloween like, a week ago?!). And now they are almost gone?!?

We have made the most of our holiday, even though it’s been a little different this year with Nana & Papaw living in Lexington. We celebrated our quite possibly last Christmas in this house to the fullest , and in addition to several holiday trips to see the grandparents, we also tried our hand at some Pinterest ideas…

Making ice cream cone Christmas trees!




We finally managed to get one complete Christmas tree made without eating all the icing off 😉


This year, we also tried a new way of opening our Christmas presents. Every Sunday, Pixie (our elf on the shelf) made her way back to the Christmas tree where she also brought with her a present or two for each of the girls. So for every weekend during the month of December they got to unwrap a gift. Santa topped off the presents with his grand finale Christmas morning.

It was so much fun to get to see some excited faces for FOUR extra days this month, not just Christmas morning. It also helped eliminate the overwhelming chaos of Christmas morning, and we were all better able to actually enjoy & appreciate the gifts.

Zoe was so funny opening presents–she would laugh (I’m talking a big deep belly laugh) every time she opened a gift. So sweet!


Faith wasn’t quite as dramatic with her responses to presents this year, but she was so sweet. I managed to get one of her coming into the family room and seeing gifts under the tree ready to open.


We made all sorts of yummy things to eat. Cookies, candies, even tried our hand at non-edible crafts for gifts (and I have discovered my love for Mod Podge 🙂 )

Last night, the tree was ready. Complete with a message from Santa 😉


And this morning, the fun began! I love this time with my kiddos. I hope I remember these days forever!

Part two of our Lovell Christmas coming soon…Merry Christmas everyone!


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