1st Annual Great Wolf Lodge Trip

This past weekend we kicked off the Christmas season with our first trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. Let me preface by saying, if you’ve never been to one of these–GO! It’s a bit expensive, but totally worth it! This hotel is geared entirely toward families with little ones. We made reservations quite a while back, as John got the opportunity to attend his first NFL game (Cowboys & Bengals, of course!).

We kicked off the trip with a stop in Lexington to drive through the horse park at Southern Lights…and it was beautiful!


Yes, THIS is the lobby of the hotel. Absolutely beautiful! We walked in the lobby, and immediately Faith starts in with her “oohs & ahhs” and Zoe is pointing at all the lights. At the back of the picture you can see a stage, with character owls, trees, etc. These characters “came to life” every night for a really cool bedtime show for the kiddos, complete with Christmas music, and yes, REAL snow!


There was a life-sized gingerbread house you can eat dinner at…

gingerbread house

Of course, in a place this beautiful, there are dozens of good photo opportunities! Unfortunately, my kiddos were a little more pre-occupied with all the festivities around them then smiling for a picture for momma…

Here’s Daddy & Faith just after we arrived. You can see she is NOT happy I have interrupted her business to take a picture.


Zoe was a little more willing to let me snap a picture…


For some reason, Faith actually ASKED me to take picture of her with Zoe sitting in Santa’s seat. The hotel had all sorts of neat activities for the kiddos–balloon animals (although all my SB friends will totally understand my hesitation about that–can we say LATEX everywhere!), meet & greet with Santa (which my girls would have nothing to do with this year 😦 ), bedtime stories, games, crafts, etc. So fun!

My sweet babies…


Faith also requested a pic with Nana & Papaw…


And THIS is the main attaction–the waterpark. Simply amazing. The indoor waterpark was HUGE. I was so impressed because as always, I try to check out accessibility of the places we visit just for future reference. After all, why plan a vacation somewhere that BOTH my kiddos couldn’t enjoy? Great Wolf Lodge was VERY, repeat VERY accessible. Each of their multiple indoor pools & hot tubs had attached lifts so that someone who couldn’t otherwise access the pool would be able to. There were more lifeguards in this one park than I think I’ve ever seen. At one point John went to use the gym (he’s a big fan of maintaining his workouts while on vacation. Me? Bleh 😉 ). The receptionist who gave him directions to the gym actually asked him (without knowing he had a child with spina bifida, of course) if he needed a direct route or an accessible one. Many props to the Great Wolf Lodge on their consideration of kiddos & others of ALL abilities!

The enormous waterpark. This pic doesn’t even do it justice.


We had an absolute blast, although, it was so nice for momma & daddy (not necessarily the kiddos!) to sleep in our own bed again once we got home. Traveling & vacationing with little ones is fun, but my goodness, you almost need a vacation from the vacation once you get home.

We ended the trip with some yummy sweets…Faith’s favorite–fudge.


And Zoe’s favorite–ice cream.

ice cream

There ya have it. My personal review of the Great Wolf Lodge. Awesome place.


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