Thanksgiving Day

The night before Thanksgiving at Mamaw’s house, we prepared by doing lots of baking.

Rice Krispy Treats 😉

Faith got a little creative with the marshmallows…

Zoe was deep in thought (or sleep–since it was WAY past bedtime!)…

Thanksgiving Day was also my birthday! I turned the big 3-1. We started off celebrating the day with some morning snuggles from my littlest one (big sis actually slept late! Couldn’t hardly believe it!)

Showing off the Thanksgiving shirts mommy picked up (I literally searched EVERYWHERE trying to find Thanksgiving t-shirts and couldn’t. Finally ran across some at Kohl’s).

To keep the kiddos entertained while Mamaw and her helpers cooked Thanksgiving dinner, we busted out the Playdough…


Finally, it was time to eat! We stuffed ourselves and then stuffed some more! So yummy…there is nothing quite like Thanksgiving at Mamaw’s house!


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