Holiday Travels–Part 3

Today we ventured out of the house and went visiting. No one can ever say my girls are not loved–that’s for sure! We had lots of family eager to see them and even had offers for them to stay overnight and go shopping πŸ™‚ Of course, I never get this much free time with them and time off work so of course I have to keep them to myself πŸ˜‰

First stop was my aunt’s house. Immediately when we got in Zoe noticed her huge piano. Zoe has developed a love for arts & music lately. My mom has a piano in her house that Zoe loves to play, so much that we have to cover it if we don’t want her to cry wanting to play it. She loves painting, coloring, and anything that involves making messes with playdough, shaving cream, etc. Not sure why I didn’t get any pictures there, but it was such a nice visit. I’m sure my aunt Paula will be planning a weekend visit for them stay overnight soon πŸ™‚

Our next stop was a visit I had been looking forward to for some time. I have blogged before about my dad passing away when I was 18. He did not have a lot of family, but the family he did have were always so sweet to us. I have missed them and always wanted my girls to know at least a small part of my daddy’s side of the family. I called up his aunt Dolores last week to see if we could come by for a visit and let her meet the girls. She & her husband Burgess lived across the road from my Nanny, and it was one of my favorite things to do to go across the road as a child and see them.Β 

I love this sweet picture of Zoe sitting in the floor playing with my sweet cousin Tishona who came to visit also, and my sweet Aunt Dolores. I have so many memories of playing in this floor, and it reminded me so much of when my daddy was here and all the times we would visit here.

Aunt Dolores was so sweet to buy the girls a little Christmas gift–one I will keep and give them when they grow up as a reminder of our family. She has a large grandfather clock in the corner of her house, and Faith was very interested in it. It would chime, and she could not understand why we couldn’t make it chime again. Faith ended up getting cookies and milk from Aunt Dolores, and playing with her new gift on the couch.

Aftter that visit, it was time for one last stop–John’s grandma’s house. We met the rest of the family there for a pizza lunch, and the older kids (plus Faith!) played a quick game of freeze tag in the yard. Who ever imagined playing tag outdoors in 60 degree weather at Thanksgiving?!

I snapped this cute pic of my little ladies hanging out with their bubby Isaac. They are crazy about him!

Finally, we piled all the kiddos out on the porch steps to attempt one group photo…

Attempt number one…

We lucked out this time and it didn’t take too terribly long to get simultaneous smiles…

Today was so fun and we made so many memories. I am so thankful we had the opportunity to go visit our extended family we don’t get to see very often. And I am very thankful my babies are so loved by so many people.

And…it’s almost Turkey Day!!


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