Holiday Travels–Part Two

We made it to Mamaw’s house! The trip went very smoothly, although it’s only a couple hours from Grandma’s to Mamaw’s.  After dinner, bath & bed last night, the girls were more than ready to get down to business this morning–the business of cookie making!

The girls were too cute in their little aprons & sitting up on their stools. Although for some reason in these pictures Zoe isn’t wearing hers. Not really sure why!

They tried very hard to unwrap the sticks of butter. I think Zoe grabbed a few licks along the way…

Next came the cookie dough mixing. Zoe got her own bowl to “mix” her dough in–Faith is big enough this year to actually mix it up which is her favorite thing.

After all the mixing, came the part both girls loved. The flour. We had a giant cloud of flour in  the air but they (we all did!) had a blast.

Faith discovered she could make the flour go flying by clapping her hands together–

Zoe ended up with flour EVERYWHERE. And she loved (to eat!) it. Here’s her typical Zoe cheese pose…flour style…

After all the flour-filled fun, we spent the rest of the morning cutting out shapes with our Christmas cookie cutters. Cookie-making part two resumes after nap, when the decorating, and the best part—eating–begins!


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