Our Pre-Thanksgiving Preparations

Tomorrow begins the start of my favorite time of year! The holiday season 🙂 There is something so special & magical about this time of year–even more so when you have kiddos. Tomorrow we begin our annual holiday travels which pretty much take us across the entire state of Kentucky & Tennessee. We visit my grandparents in Tennessee, then head to eastern Kentucky to visit John’s family for Thanksgiving. It is always such a fun time and we are blessed to be able to have the entire weekend & next week off to see everyone.

I’m looking forward to having a break–from everything. Work, appointments, therapies, to-do schedules, heck, even bathing the girls & reading bedtime stories for a day or two (Mamaw is always more than willing to help out with that 😉 )

This week has been absolutely nuts at our house. So many different things going on. Many of you know (or do now–here’s your update!) that John & I have planned for some time to list our home on the market. We love this house & have been here now seven years. It has seen our family grow from a no-kids, young 20-somethings couple to a busy family of four. It’s where I’ve watched Faith take her first steps and seen Zoe stand. We have laughed, cried & loved here, and I will never forget this house.

But the time is approaching for us to pursue a different avenue.

John & I have decided the best decision for our family will be to return to an area that is very dear to us–the Lexington area. We grew up there as college kids, married, and lived our first few years as newlyweds there. Our family is there. We will have choices for Zoe’s therapies, schools and lots of activities for both our girls, and in general, access to many things we feel our family will benefit from. And we will have the opportunity to create accessibility in our new home which will benefit not just Zoe, but all of us as we get older. Although, I am going to deeply miss our friends who have become our extended family here, in Morgantown. We have had so much support in the seven years we’ve lived here, and I am truly thankful for each of those friendships. And I will miss the amazingly awesome neighborhood we live in right now. Seriously–you couldn’t find a better community anywhere.

And so, the preparations for selling our home have begun.

Painting, flooring, appliances, lots of updating. I am loving the changes but it is exhausting. Throw work, appointments, therapies, and two very busy little girls in and it is a recipe for overwhelming chaos. Thankfully, we are almost done with the work and ready to list the house on the market to see what will happen. I have been praying for some time that the Lord would begin to prepare a buyer now who will love our home as much as we do. I am praying now for that, and also that we will be blessed with as smooth of a moving transition as possible. There are many things that will need to be changed–doctors, therapists, Zoe’s waiver. Lots of “stuff” to get done.

This week has revolved around cleaning closets, picking out paint for some final updates, laundry, packing & taking care of travel preparations. Oh–and I counted it up–the littlest one had a grand total of 7 (yes, SEVEN) therapies this week. Three speech appts, two PT appts, one OT appt and a developmental visit. Whew.

We also decided this week to get the Christmas decor out. Faith is beyond excited this year for Christmas. John & I have realized it could possibly be our last Christmas in this house, so we are making the most of it. She has been running through the house singing, “I’ve got the Christmas spirit.” Seriously–having kids makes the holidays that much sweeter. To see their faces when I plug in the Christmas tree lights is priceless.

We are all more than ready for Thanksgiving break.

Will it be a while before we move? In all likelihood, yes. With the economy and housing market, who even knows how long it will take to sell a house? All I can do is pray for the Lord to go ahead of us, the way He always has before, and prepare the way. Other than that, it is almost time to put away my proverbial paintbrush, shut the closet doors, and wait.

Good thing we’ve gotten lots of practice with patience 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!


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