Accessible Park

It’s no secret that John & I are very proactive parents, and do whatever necessary to make sure our girls have access to all available resources to help them grow, learn & thrive. We want Zoe to have access to as much as possible–one of the very reasons we are preparing to put our home on the market so we can begin preparations to either buy or build a new, more accessible home.  I am always finding myself paying attention now to things I had always overlooked before–school & community accessibility–including parks.

This weekend John & I are in Lexington, visiting family and celebrating an early Thanksgiving weekend since we will be in eastern Kentucky for the actual holiday. Today we had some free time so we headed back to Richmond where we both went to college, to check out their newly renovated, fully accessible park.

When I was doing my undergrad work, I loved Lake Reba. Back then, it was a small park adjacent to a golf course that had great scenary and a walking path. No playgrounds, but I did lots of laps around that walking path! Now, it has been renovated and although not complete yet, it is one of the coolest playgrounds I’ve seen in a long time–and very encouraging that the community is devoting time and money to ensure kids of ALL abilities can play together!

This part of the park not yet completed–you can see the surface is firm–not mulch, which makes it difficult for kids who use wheels or walkers to get around on.


Another close-up of the park surface…

In addition to typical park activities–swings, slides, etc…which were all accessible at this park, they had other really neat options.

Don’t know what you call this–but Zoe loved it, it would give good support to kids who maybe didn’t have good trunk control.

All four of us played on the teeter-totter. Of course, we couldn’t manage to get a pic of all of us so daddy snapped one of Zoe & I 😉

The girls LOVE to slide. I managed to snap this shot of them both–their favorite thing is for us to count to three, and they “race” down…

Going down the slide gave Faith some major static hair!

Zoe is getting stronger every day–and very interested in standing which we are super excited (& thankful!) for. So we did some standing at the park…

She was having a blast!

It was a beautiful day, and we had a blast. I am so thankful that more and more communities are starting to recognize the importance of making these fun activities available to kids of all abilities. I think every community should make this type of investment–what better way to increase acceptance, promote growth & reduce bullying then by allowing kids with all types of differences the opportunity to play and learn together!


One thought on “Accessible Park

  1. This is great! I totally agree… there need to be more accessible parks in every community!

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