Dress-up Time!

Faith is at such a fun (& extremely busy!) age–3.5! Her new favorite thing to do is play dress up.  Mommy’s make-up, perfume, lotions, nail polish, it doesn’t matter. She has discovered a love for dressing up! I love it too–this is one of my favorite things about having girls–all the “girlie stuff!”

Recently Faith has been interested in letting me play around with her hair. We’ve experimented with braids (I’m horrible at braiding!), bows, ponytails, pigtails, and lately, straightening. If you know me much at all, you know my hair is super curly. It has always been a battle to try to figure out what to do with it, but I finally feel as though I & my hair have made peace and come to terms with each other 😉

Last night after bath Faith decided she wanted me to blow-dry her hair straight. She dug through her Halloween candy basket (don’t judge!) while I worked my magic with the blow-dryer. I think it came out looking great!

I think it turned out great! Couldn’t manage to get a decent pic from the front because she was so focused on that darn Halloween candy 😉

Of course, this morning, her hair was back to it’s curly self again (my favorite look for her!).

Faith has also been gaining self-declared independence in her dressing up. Her favorite is to put on lipstick by herself.

We’ve got a little work to do 😉

So proud of my big girl! She is beautiful–inside and out!


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