Zoe’s Acting Debut ;)

A couple weeks ago, I got a text from one of our therapists asking if we’d be interesting in participating in a local event for families of kids with special needs, special ed educators, and therapy students. Our therapist was teaching a workshop during the event on pediatric physical therapy and needed a kiddo to demonstrate some techniques. Zoe loves to put on a show and be the center of attention (not to mention it’s Spina Bifida Awareness month & I could put in my plug for SB!) so of course we said yes!

The event featured vendors from a variety of community resources–early intervention, Medicaid waiver programs, local school systems, etc. There was info on establishing trust funds for your kids (something I need to get on the ball with!), making your home accessible (something we are definitely planning for–more to come on this later!), and lots of other good info.

I was a little concerned initially about how Zoe would do sitting through an entire lecture. Her demonstrations weren’t until the end of the presention. I packed my bag full of distractions, and so we colored, looked at books, and just tried to chill quietly in the back until her big introduction…she’s a pretty good “chiller”…

Finally Zoe’s big moment came, and we headed up to the front. I was asked to share briefly about Zoe’s history and spina bifida to the group–mainly consisting of physical therapy students. After that, Zoe, her therapist & I walked the class through a typical PT routine for her. We showed lots of work on the exercise ball, kneeling, crawling, stretching, deep pressure activities, and standing. Zoe was a trooper through it all–and hilarious! She would complete an exercise that her therapist asked–then sit up and look at the audience as if to say, “did you see that?” And of course, she flashed her big cheesy grin–multiple times.

It was a fun day and an opportunity to share about spina bifida and how hard these kiddos work, and how awesome they are! Zoe did great, but she (& I!) were exhausted afterward. We headed home and took nice, long naps 😉


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