Two Sweet Berries!

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! I love the weather–the chill in the air makes me want to curl up with a blanket, a book, and a cup of coffee 🙂 (although it never fails John & I begin a battle for control of the thermostat this time of year 😉 ).

This weekend was our church’s annual fall festival. I love this time–probably more so than the traditional trick or treating because we get to see all our friends and their kiddos dressed up, enjoy popcorn, candy, games, and go from trunk to trunk getting candy.

Having two kids, I love coordinating their costumes. This year we went with a character, and tried to do something a little different than the usual stuff you see. Faith LOVES Strawberry Shortcake, so I found the cutest Strawberry Shortcake costume on my favorite website Amazon–with our prime membership it arrived at my door in two days with free shipping. Couldn’t leave out the best part of it either–the wig!

Zoe’s costume wasn’t available on Amazon so I did a little searching around and found one on a 40% clearance at Toys R Us–score! We were set with Strawberry Shortcake and her favorite little berry…

Are they cute or what?

We loaded up the wagon–I am loving having this wagon. Zoe has been making major motor skills progress lately with her crawling skills, trunk strength & her ability to lock her knees finally. But we are no where close to being functional with her standing/walking so we make modifications where we need to. The wagon lets both girls see eye to eye (as well as with other kiddos) and it’s cute 🙂

It was super cold…so we had to bundle up in blankets as the evening went on…CHEESE!

Faith ditched the wig–said it was too itchy. Can’t say that I blame her–I put the thing on and it WAS horribly itchy!

We ended the night with our annual group photo–us and the Scott family. It has been so fun taking these pics every year and seeing our babies grow. Check out the first year (keep in mind I was maybe two weeks post-partum here!)

That was 2010. And for 2012…

We’ve come a long way baby! (And have some amazingly cute kiddos here I must say!)

I have already been making mental notes for future Halloween seasons. In my spina bifida community, one thing  a lot of moms (& dads!) do is show off their creative side when it comes to making their kiddos’ costumes. Decorating your chair or walker makes for some AWESOME Halloween costumes. If you have time, check out this website and see some of their creative genius at work.

Happy Halloween!


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