Inspiration Through Art

Recently our family had the opportunity to participate with an awesome organization called Inspiration Through Art (formerly known as The Littlest Heroes Project). This organization is a non-profit foundation that offers families of children with special needs an opportunity to show the world just how awesome their kiddos are! Through the use of photographers who volunteer their time & talents, they showcase children with all types of disabilites and challenges and encourage others to see children with differences for the beautiful individuals they are.

We were very fortunate to have a local photographer come to our home to photograph our family in one of our favorite spots–our backyard. Our backyard is my favorite spot in the fall–we have two ponds that border our yard and with the fall foliage (especially this year–it’s been prettier than I think I’ve ever seen!) it makes the perfect spot for fall photos.

In the past, family photos for us have involved lots of bribery for smiles, bagfuls of toys we strategically used to get kiddos to look at the camera, and a lot of sweat with a few tears. Needless to say, John & I do not normally look forward to family pictures although after the fact we are always glad we have them done. They make such sweet memories (not to mention I have a slight obsession with Hobby Lobby’s frames :)).  Our session was scheduled for an unusually chaotic day when we also had all the workers installing new flooring at our house present. Furniture was everywhere! I took the girls to my mom’s to nap, and honestly I was expecting several meltdowns while trying to get pictures–possibly even one myself 😉

Thankfully this year, our Inspiration Through Art session went amazingly well! Our photographer was so easy to work with. It really didn’t even feel like we were taking family pictures! Faith was very willing to cheese it up for the camera, and of course Zoe always is! We got all the shots we needed within an hour’s time. We’ve seen a couple sneak peeks and if we are friends on facebook you probably got a glimpse of them. Over the next several weeks we will have them all available and Zoe’s story will be featured on the Inspiration Through Art website.

If you haven’t already–I highly recommend checking out their site. I could spend hours reading the stories of all the kids they’ve worked with. It is so encouraging & inspiring! And if you happen to be a parent of a child with special needs, you can apply to participate with the Inspiration Through Art foundation. It is so cool that this is offered to our kiddos–and a lot of fun in the process! Also–if you are a photographer who happens to read this, YOU can apply to participate as well by using your photography talents. All the info is on their site, and I promise you’ll have some grateful families who are gifted with some amazing memories!


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