Three months!! Wow! A lot can happen in three months’ time. That’s exactly how long it’s been since I’ve logged onto my blog. Honestly, I have debated for quite some time on whether or not to even keep my blog active. It is a very time consuming activity for me, and with a 3.5 yr old and a now 2 yr old time is precious commodity around here! I do love the blogging world though, and still keep my Google reader active with many dedicated blogs I love to follow.

I decided to keep my blog active for a few simple reasons, despite the fact that it does take time to maintain. One, I want a way to document this journey for my girls. I think about how neat it will be when my girls are grown, that I can give them a written copy of my journey raising them when they were young. Of not just the good times, but the struggles, the fears, the frustrations, and then of course, the celebrations, milestones reached, and all the love our family shared together.

I also remember very vividly when I was very pregnant with Zoe, spending so many nights researching on the internet, and coming across so many blogs written by moms a little further ahead on their spina bifida journey that I was. Some of what I would read scared the pants off of me, but so much of it encouraged me to keep going, to ignore all the negativity, and know that my little girl would be perfect no matter what. I know now (& have met many!) moms out there just like me, who are searching, seeking any comfort or solace that their lives and families would return to some form of “normal.”  I want my blog to be that same source of encouragement that I found when I was searching for it.

My last reason for continuing to blog is because I think so many people have misguided views on what it must be like to live life with a child who has any special needs. So often when people run into me, their first question is “how’s Zoe?” While I know they have good intentions and are well-meaning, I also know for some that question–while it seems so simple, is far from it. What some really mean is, how IS she? Is she walking? Is she talking? Will you have to cath forever? What do you expect for her future? As well-meaning and good-intentioned as the person may be, that gets old rather quickly if I am honest. Our family does not (nor do other families of kids with extras) sit around contemplating the futures of our children, mourn and wallow in self-pity for ourselves and think about how hard we have it (we don’t think we have it hard!), and yes, there are many days where spina bifida is the furthest thing from our minds. So it always takes me off guard when that is someone’s first comment to me. Same thing with the statement–“I don’t know how you do it.” We’ll save that statement for another day 😉 I also want others to acknowledge another member just as important and who makes many significant contributions to our family–Faith 🙂 We have been very blessed with an amazingly supportive community who has stood by our family through so much. Now I think it’s time to branch out a little!

I want to document our journey because I feel deeply that the general population has a very limited understanding of how typical “special needs” families truly are. We may be dealt some extra cards, but we learn to play the game well and we move on with it.

And so, the blogging continues.


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