My Valentine’s Weekend

This past weekend was an all-around good one. John & I kicked it off on Friday night with date night 🙂 We stayed at home, got a few needed home improvements completed, ordered take-out, made cookies & rented a movie. It was great & I am SO thankful for family who wants to spend an evening regularly with our girls so that we can have a much-appreciated break (thanks, Nana & Papaw!).

Saturday when the girls came home we got busy! This year is the first that Faith somewhat understands what Valentine’s Day is (although she calls it “Valentimes Day!”). I bought her some Dora the Explorer valentines & we set out to make them. I folded & labeled them, she stuck on her Dora stickers…(if you look closely you can see her Smurfs tattoo–the thing has seriously lasted like, forever now. It may just be permanent).

Zoe was still too young to really know what was going on. She did try to help with some folding though (in between bites of cheerios :))

We ended Saturday by making a new recipe of homemade potato soup, and it was VERY yummy. Thanks to my good friend Adra for sharing her recipe–one of my new favorites!

Sunday began our trip to Cincinnati. Last spring, I had the opportunity to meet a nurse practitioner who works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the urology department. Her specialty is bowel management for spina bifida patients (lucky us!). As it just so happens, that has been one of our biggest issues with Zoe. As she’s moved into the toddler stage, we decided to be a little more proactive about planning ahead in this area. So I called up this NP, scheduled a consult, and off we went.

We had been doing our research on the side prior to the visit, so we’d already started making some very successful changes to Zoe’s diet & medications. She had an abdominal x-ray completed today as they do on all their new patients, to evaluate just how significant her constipation was. Thankfully, she is pretty well controlled, and we got some pretty good news. The NP thinks things are going well, and Zoe just needed a few minor tweaks to her plan.  We are even hopeful she can potty-train typically now, with maybe just a little extra patience & guidance from their clinic.

It was a great visit, and I was very glad we went. Faith spent the morning with her aunt Jessica, making Valentines & cookies. Zoe was in a great mood–talking, laughing & playing peek-a-boo all the way there & back, with the exception of a short nap…

On our way home, we picked up Faith, and had lunch with both Jessica (John’s sister), and Tyler (my brother). We ate at Sonny’s BBQ, an old favorite of ours. Faith thought we were at Pizza Hut. Something about the way the outside of the building looked?

All in all, we had a great weekend. Date night, rest, good food, celebrating Valentine’s Day, seeing family and getting good news at the doctor’s office. But now…I’m exhausted again. Just in time for the work week 😉

































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