I’m the Christmas Blog Slacker…

Wow! So it has been like, forever since I’ve updated the blog. It’s not that we’ve been extra busy, in fact, December has been quite the opposite. This year, John & I decided very intentionally that we would scale down our holiday commitments. Normally, our holiday season is jam-packed with Christmas parties, events, plays, family travels, etc., and at the end of the season we are left trying to just catch our breath and wonder, “wow, that flew by fast!”

We have, however, been busy bees around the house. All the decorations are ready, my Christmas shopping is DONE (first time EVER this early!), and my newfound addiction to Pinterest has led to a new craft with the girls each weekend.

Faith is super excited about the tree, the presents, all our holiday baking & crafting, and most of all so far….Christmas lights. She loves them. Every time we’re out & it’s dark, she begs  asks to go look at the Christmas lights. She loves them all, but her favorite ones are the “rainbow lights” (i.e., colored Christmas lights). We are planning a special weekend trip with her soon, hopefully to one of our larger surrounding cities to see lots of lights!

Zoe has been progressing leaps and bounds lately. She has discovered mobility! Mainly in the form of rolling to get herself where she needs & wants to go, but crawling is in the works. Over the past couple months, her sitting balance has steadily improved, and I am happy to report I can now sit her down in one spot, and odds are, she’ll stay there 🙂 This is huge for us, as we have been working hard-core (no pun intended!) on her core muscles.

Just this week she’s started trying to get up on all fours & rock.

We still have a long road ahead of us, but she is an amazingly determined child & I am so excited to get a front row seat to all that she’s gonna do! Also, lately, the child has been a bottomless pit. Literally. Meats, pastas, fruits, cereals, you name it, she’s ate it. Everything she can get her tiny hands on is going straight to her mouth, and we’ve made several extra trips to the grocery lately because between both girls you’d think we were feeding a small army. I love it 🙂

This year has by far been my favorite holiday season. The girls are at such a fun age, and it seems they are learning, saying, & doing new things every day. Sometimes I just want to freeze time and hang on to these moments while I can…

Aren’t they sweet?


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