Our Thanksgiving/Christmas-Palooza

Every year at Thanksgiving we make a very LONG trip to our hometown in eastern Kentucky. We always have a great time, but I dread the drive, for the simple fact that it takes over six hours of driving time. Add in a couple kiddos, and there is potential there for nothing but sheer misery on the road! 

This year, we prepared ourselves. I took an entire week off (which I usually don’t do & end up regretting it!) and we gave ourselves plenty of time to get here & back. We loaded up, trying to pack lightly because we’d also be hauling back a vehicle full of new Christmas gifts for the girls from their mamaw & papaw. I debated on whether or not to bring Zoe’s stander; she is in it twice a day for an hour each, and although it’s not huge by any means, it’s just bulky. In the end, we brought it. Surprisingly though, we had room to spare in the back.

Our trip down was uneventful & quick actually. We made carefully timed stops, had only one bathroom accident (Faith) only because we were in a super long stretch of highway with absolutely NO exits to be found, sang lots of fun songs & watched a few Christmas movies.

It was a great week! I loved having so much downtime to spend with the girls & our family. We had no agendas, no plans, nothing. Just hanging out, eating (a LOT), playing & opening gifts. We spend Christmas at our own home, so we do a little early gift exchange at our Thanksgiving trip.

Faith received a GIANT dollhouse with about a million parts. The details on the pieces are amazing. Her dollhouse family even has its very own laptop, cell phone, & minivan with real honking horn & a radio that works. A big change from when I had MY dollhouse as a child. She is in dollhouse heaven.  Thankfully John managed to fit it all back in the car so we can haul it all home.

Zoe got some super cute toys–ball popper, wooden puzzles, shape sorters, lots of things to encourage crawling & hand/eye coordination. She spent much of her Thanksgiving holiday playing in the floor with Faith, myself, and all our other family, and calling repeatedly for “mama,” which I think will soon replace “dada” as her favorite word 😉 She has surprised me with her puzzle skills, although we haven’t even left for home yet & we’ve already lost a piece 😦 She was a master gift opener though…

 Both of the girls loved all the good food…Zoe’s favorite was macaroni salad (& Pizza Hut cheesesticks but I don’t think that really counts as Thanksgiving food–another day, another time), and Faith’s favorite food was the sugar cookies with tiny turkeys on them she got to make with mamaw. 

It was an awesome week, & we made a lot of great memories. I loved seeing my sweet babies underneath my mother-in-law’s GIANT Christmas tree. I have no clue how she manages to get this thing decorated but it is GORGEOUS!!


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