a different perspective

Isn’t it funny sometimes how you can hear a song played that just somehow sticks with you?  Many months ago, I heard this song on the radio, & it stuck. I love it. No, it is not a pretty, “feel-good” song, you know, the one with the perfect ending? It is a song with scars, pain, tears, disappointments. All the hurt, fear & unknowns that life can throw our way packaged in with some good music & a catchy tune.

But the theme of the song is so true, & it is something I go back to again & again.

Our perspective of hurt, pain, fear, sorrow, is just that. OUR perspective.

There is greater plan. A higher purpose. Sometimes it’s more than our broken hearts & feeble minds can fathom, and this is where faith comes in to play. Being sure of what we hope for, & certain of what we do not see.


As Christians, I think it’s our nature to want to believe that the God we serve will just shield us from anything bad. When the unexplainable happens, we question why.  We doubt His very existance. We grow angry. Bitter. As though we only deserve good. We worry. We try to control.

This song helps remind me that sometimes the situations, the events, the things in life we think we don’t want, don’t need & can’t handle are the very things God wants to use to draw us closer to Himself. To reveal a small part of his deeper plan, to help us get a better glimpse of the way HE sees us & others. And on the other side of it, we gain a new perspective, a new outlook, a deeper knowledge, and a better love.

Here it is…


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