The time finally came. For some reason, I have dreaded trying to potty-train Faith for the longest time. She’s been interested in it for a while, and we’ve had spurts come where we’ve tried to teach her, but we’ve temporarily put it on hold because she didn’t seem ready.  So we decided to try. Again.

I think the sheer fact of trying to potty-train a 2 year old with a 10 month old tagging along (yes, I know lots of parents have done it, but I haven’t!) was enough to deter me.  Finally, the need to save some $$ on diapers despite my superb couponing skills pushed me to try again.

We set a date, bought lots of stickers, treats, big-girl panties & pull-ups, and we were set.

The day came, and yes, it was my day home alone with both girls. Thankfully, I have a usually compassionate 😉 husband who spent the morning at home to help out. We had a “throwing-out-the-diapers” party for Faith, and she picked out her new big girl panties.

Dora. Can’t potty-train without her.

I spent the next several hours a nervous wreck, just waiting for accidents. We camped out in the girls’ room, which has an adjoining bathroom so we could make a quick visit. I tried to keep the girls contained & entertained as much as possible.


Playing with playdough, which Faith loves…

Zoe was happy to chill out with big sis, although she didn’t get to enjoy the playdough this year  😉 She did, however, ham it up as usual for the camera.


I am happy to report after a few weeks, Faith is still in her big girl panties, and I haven’t thrown in the towel (or lost my mind!) yet. She still wears a pull-up at night, so for any of you veteran potty-trainers out there who may have some ideas on the night-time thing, I’m all ears!


One thought on “Finally…

  1. You can potty your other daughter right now. It actually should make it easier because your older DD can be the model and she likely will enjoy helping and demonstrating. It’s a win-win and absolutely nothing to lose 🙂

    As for the night. I first have to say that I am a hater of pull-ups. Before they came on the market you could find good quality cotton training pants everywhere and they add at least 6 months to the training process.

    I suggest going cotton training pants at night. You can get ones with a water proof outer or you can get a cotton waterproof backed wee pad to put on the bed. If she does not wake up on her own you have two choices — wait and she may become night continent on her own by age three, BUT it may take several more years. The other is to re-teach her how to wake up to pee until she no longer needs to pee at night. FYI, Some people (adults or children) need to pee once at night, not everyone can go all night without a potty break every time even if they go to the bathroom right before bed. If you can figure out WHEN in the night she is peeing that will give you a point to start waking her up to go. No lights, have a potty in the room, minimal directional conversation, and back to bed.

    She may be peeing very early in the morning 5:30/6:30) or just before she wakes, rather than in the middle of the night. If you are lucky and you go to bed late, when she is going may coincide when you go to bed.

    I hope that helps!

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