We got a little brave…

Yesterday John & I decided to attempt a new feat. We decided to take the girls to the opening football game for the Bears.

We talked, planned a strategy, and plotted our event very carefully. The potential problem with taking Faith & Zoe to the game wasn’t the game itself. It was bedtime. For some reason unknown to us, our girls are so scheduled (hmmm…type A momma, maybe?). Come 7:30 pm, we had better be running bathwater & pulling out the bedtime stories or else someone is sure to melt down.

So, after very carefully delaying naps until the late afternoon, we set off. Two chairs for momma & daddy, one chair for Zoe, one diaper bag stuffed with all the extras–snacks, Sippy cups, juice, travel playdough, teething biscuits, baby food, even daddy’s iPad for playing games.

We were ready.

The first quarter passed fairly uneventfully.

Zoe loved the view from her little booster chair & was content playing with her Sippy & munching on snacks…

Faith was happy to see her friend Cohen, and they held their own conversations about the game 😉

After the first quarter, things got a little hairy. Faith decided she needed to go potty (yes, big update on the potty-training coming soon!) and so I had to push aside my public restroom germaphobeness (like the new word?) and let her use the women’s restroom on the “big potty.” That was definitely an experience.

Anyway, during this time, Zoe decided to put away some baby mac & cheese with veggies, but once that was over she was done with all the screaming & yelling. She decided to join in, but she definitely was not cheering on the Bears at that point 😉

In the end, we made it till halftime which John & I were pleased with! Zoe fell asleep in daddy’s arms, and Faith got to play lots of fun games with Cohen while sharing teddy grahams. Her one memory of the night? The band. The drums. But if you ask her about it, she’ll simply tell you, “I didn’t see any maracas!”

Yep-that’s my girls! Great night!


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