Total opposites

It’s funny how two girls so close in age can be so different. It’s probably no secret I love taking (& posting!) pictures of my two lil’ ladies 🙂

Faith HATES pictures. She either ignores me & the camera, or tries to run off & play. Hopefully it’s just a phase she’s in & will be back to cheesin’ it up in now time. Here’s one of her latest…

 One day she’ll totally be mad at me for this picture!

Zoe, however, is the total opposite. It always seems as though whenever my camera comes on, Zoe starts hammin’ it up. Seriously. I took like, five pics in a row tonight just to see what she’d do, and she smiles in them all. At least one of my offspring humors me in my quest for photographs.

 See? Notice which Lovell is smiling, and which is ignoring me. I’m also behind the camera singing, cheering, quacking like a duck, whatever it takes.

Again, more smiles 🙂

Occasionally, the photography gods smile upon me, & I get a decent shot of both girls…

What’s ironic is that they are total opposites in public. Zoe clams up & does NOT appreciate strangers. Faith, however, becomes the star of the show.

Who knows? They like to keep me on my toes…


One thought on “Total opposites

  1. Your little ones are adorable! Zoe’s smile is so infectious, it just makes your heart smile.

    I have three kiddos and the two oldest are as different as they can be. My youngest is a combination of both.

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