The tough stuff

Several weeks ago, I received a message from my former pastor, whom I call Bro. Steve. Actually, I still consider him my pastor–he was my first pastor, baptized me at the young age of eight years old, & as I grew up I developed a wonderful relationship with he & his wife, Laura, as well as their three children. Some of my most tremendous spiritual growth as a Christian occurred under their leadership, & I do miss them dearly.

Anyway, Bro. Steve contacts me to request permission to use our family’s story in an upcoming sermon he was doing on abortion. Now, I have always been pro-life, long before I had my own babies. However, after everything we experienced during my pregnancy with Zoe, I can totally understand why some women choose abortion. Thinking back on last summer, in those first few days & weeks after we knew of her diagnosis, I would be lying if I said I didn’t wake up sometimes wishing I had never gotten pregnant in the first place. Although I could not terminate a pregnancy, I understood at that point why some women would.

I thank the Lord every time I kiss my sweet baby’s face that He allowed me to have peace during such an uncertain time, and that we chose LIFE. I still remain pro-life, just with a new perspective on what some of these women are struggling with.

With that said, I love sharing our story & so of course I told Bro. Steve that, yes, he was more than welcome to share our story. Being a part of a community of moms with children who have spina bifida, we see new moms join all the time who are just receiving their child’s diagnosis. The fear, grief, and uncertainty is evident in their words, and my heart breaks for them as I think about when I was that mom struggling to come to terms with the new twist in our journey.

Many are in that place of contemplating whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. Doctors so often try to predict the child’s prognosis based on pictures from an ultrasound screen, and so many babies are aborted due to mistaken ideas about their child’s future quality of life. My heart hurts for these parents, because even though doctors possess a wealth of knowledge, there is a higher power who has created that child. And has big plans!

It’s so difficult to forge ahead, not always being able to see what those big plans may be just yet.

I can promise you–this little lady has an awesome quality of life!


Having tea parties with big sis!

and figuring out how to go places…

Here is the link to Bro. Steve’s church in case you want to check out his site or listen to his message. Here’s the video from that Sunday, with a neat video of our family & part of Zoe’s journey at the end…



4 thoughts on “The tough stuff

  1. This is amazing! You all are so blessed-of course you know that already!
    I went through a similar ordeal with my second pregnancy. I was told at 27 weeks that Ashdyn had a heart defect-it was devastating to think I was going to have a baby with a heart problem. SO many things ran through my head-is it my fault? Will he be okay? Many prayers went up! Then, at 30 weeks I went into pre-term labor, dilated, thinned and all……that was also VERY scary. He was born at 37 (after full bed-rest for 7 weeks) a healthy 7 pounds, but was put in the NICU for 5 days due to respiratory distress. Now he is 3, full of life (and attitude), he does have asthma, but other than that he is PERFECT! God is amazing and YES, he does hear our prayers!

  2. I thank God for you and your beautiful family. Thank you for the message of humility, hope and encouragement. It is true–God is good ALL the time. He knows the plans He has for our futures!

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