Support TEAM ZOE!

Last year, our family decided to participate in the SBAK’s annual Stroll -n- Roll fundraiser. This is an event that raises money for an amazing organization that not only helps promote spina bifida awareness, but helps enrich the lives of all who are raising children & living with spina bifida. Spina bifida is not the devastating diagnosis it used to be so many years ago, in part due to efforts of organizations such as this. Now more than a year from when we learned of Zoe’s spina bifida, I can honestly write & say our lives are still “normal,” spina bifida is not the all-consuming thing we feared it would be, & Zoe is still just at typical, chubby-cheeked baby with a few “additions.”

I wouldn’t change the path we’re on for anything 🙂

This year, we’ve decided to participate in the Walk -n- Roll fundraiser again, being held in Louisville on October 1st. We’ve set our goal higher this year with the hopes we can meet or even exceed it! We are so thankful for all our extended “family” out there in social networking land, from all the places we’ve lived & a few we’ve never even been too 😉

We’d LOVE for you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the SBAK this year, on behalf of Zoe. Donations will allow the SBAK to continue their awesome work, and seriously, how could you NOT want to support this sweet face….

Thank you to everyone for all your love, prayers, encouragement, facebook wall posts, blog comments, donations, etc. We are truly blessed! If you’d like to donate on behalf of Zoe….click HERE!


2 thoughts on “Support TEAM ZOE!

  1. She (Zoe) is one of the cutest lil kids EVER! I could just kiss her lil face off! And those glasses…. are toooooo adoreable! God Bless.

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