Glad that one’s over!

Lately it seems as though every time I blog, I am mentioning how busy our weeks are. Maybe that should be a red flag! Anyway, this past week was our (hopefully) last super busy week for a while.

Zoe had her three month check-up at Vanderbilt on Monday. Every time we go, I am excited to show off the progress she is making, but yet, it is never far from my mind that we could receive news we don’t want. I was particularly nervous about this visit because it was our first follow-up with the ophthalmologist about her vision since she’d gotten glasses,  & it was also her first urodynamics study with the urologist.

First on the schedule was the urology appointment. In kids with spina bifida, often the nerves to the bladder are affected-especially in kids who’s lesion level is pretty low. We don’t know the exact vertebra that was affected with Zoe, but we know it is low so we’ve expected some bladder issues. Urodynamics studies are performed routinely to get an idea of how the child’s bladder & kidneys look. The ideal situation is a normal-pressure bladder, no kidney reflux, & the ability to empty the bladder completely. Lots of kids without spina bifida have kidney reflux, where urine travels backward into the kidney. A lot of kids outgrow this as they get older, but kids with spina bifida are susceptible to having reflux, especially if their bladder is high pressure.

Zoe did awesome during her test; she loved the nurse practitioner (maybe she has a thing already for nursing since mommy is an NP ;)). The test lasted only about thirty minutes, and involved placing a catheter in her bladder to fill it up, measure pressures, & using x-ray to see if any reflux was involved. She was not a fan, however, of having to lay still for the procedure & kept wanting to kick the tubing they were using until finally we had to hold her legs still. Mommy is VERY thankful to have that problem 😉

Our results were pretty good overall. Zoe has a normal pressure bladder (yay!) & healthy kidneys. On one side she did have some mild grade 1 reflux (it’s graded 1-5, with 1 being the mildest & 5 being most severe). Our urologist seemed to think she will outgrow it with time since her bladder pressures were normal. She started Zoe on a prophylactic antibiotic to prevent urinary tract infections, and now…we wait. Zoe will continue getting an ultrasound of her kidneys at each of our three month check-ups, and periodically we will repeat the urodynamics study to check for any changes.

The rest of our check-up visit went very smoothly. We made it to all our appointments on time-our PT & OT there were very impressed with the progress Zoe made since her last visit in February. She’s now rolling over like nobody’s business & we are getting close to sitting unsupported. Orthopedics was a pretty uneventful appointment, & we didn’t even see neuro as we had no concerns & he was out that day anyway.

The BIG news, that I was super excited about-Zoe’s vision is getting BETTER!! 🙂 Ophthalmology said he could tell a dramatic difference in her eyesight which is great news. For now we continue having her wear her little glasses, which I am totally okay with. I have grown quite attached to them over the months-I think they add some baby character & individuality 😉

In other news, Faith is now officially a big girl! John & I debated for some time on when to make the big switch to a toddler bed. It was assembled & waiting in her room. Being a self-described type A control freak, I hate transitions of all sorts so I kept putting off the new change, that is, until John called me at work one day to tell me Faith got OUT of her crib. Yep, she escaped. That night became the first night in her big girl bed, and she loved it. Zoe moved from the pack n play to the crib that night, and the rest is history. Potty-training, however. Another story (I’m open for ideas ;))

I have discovered something new I love this past week. Since Faith has moved to her big bed, she has discovered how fun it is to snuggle up under the blankets in bed. Of course, I’m taking advantage all I can while she actually wants mommy around. She loves to have me or daddy snuggle up & sing songs (of which Old MacDonald is currently the favorite), or play with all her stuffed animals.

The rest of our week concluded with work days, a few random appointments, & a couple cold viruses. But all is said & done, and this week is shaping up better so far. The girls have a big weekend planned at the grandparents’ house, which means….it’s DATE NIGHT 🙂


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