What’s new with us…

It’s only May 6th, & already our month has been jam-packed! I’m not sure why things are so crazy, but they sure are!

Last weekend we attended Kentucky’s first ever Spina Bifida mini-conference. It was AWESOME! I have to admit, I am very thankful we live in Kentucky because our state really does have some amazing resources for kids like ours! The girls spent the weekend getting spoiled at their Nana & Papaw’s house, & we headed to Louisville. We attended some fantastic seminars taught by neurosurgeons, urologists, even a developmental pediatrician who heads up the national Spina Bifida Association, AND has spina bifida himself (that one was our favorite!). 

That weekend we also had the opportunity to hear a keynote address given by a 19 year old with spina bifida…his name is Aaron Fotheringham & he’s basically like a spina bifida celebrity! He is the only person in the world to have ever completed a double backflip. In. a. wheelchair. Aaron shared his amazing story  & had such a great perspective on things. I even teared up a little during his standing ovation. 

This past week we’ve also been busy in PT/OT with Zoe. Since birth, her right foot tends to turn inward. She can move it, but the muscle groups on the right side of her leg are weaker than the inner muscles, so that makes her foot tend to go in. We had her tiny pink AFOs fitted to try & correct it by keeping her foot in the correct position, but she is already outgrowing them & they were too tight on her heel. 

So…this week we’re up to something new! 


Using kinesiotape is something new to me. The best way I can explain it is that it’s sort of like athletic taping. Her therapists (who rock, btw!) used the kinesiotape on the weaker side of her right foot to help pull, stretch & strengthen those muscles. She will keep her ankle taped for 3-5 days, take a couple days off, then retape at our next therapy session. I’m excited to see if we get any results from this method. If not, we’ll try the AFOs again & our last resort would be casting her right foot for several weeks which our PT seems to think won’t be necessary.

Also, we have a baby who is starting to discover…mobility 🙂 Zoe has recently begun rolling from her belly to her back, & is coming close to rolling the opposite way. She makes it over on her side, & then realizes she doesn’t want to go back to her belly, so she rolls the other way 😉 Here at our household, we have begun celebrating every.little.thing. The simple fact that she can move her legs to me is nothing short of a miracle, so I no longer take even the smallest of baby milestones for granted.

Another big deal at the Lovell household….

Being sisters 🙂

The girls are so funny (& cute!) together. Faith now wants to be wherever Zoe is, & always wants to sit with her, rub her head, & give her toys. Zoe looks for Faith when she hears her voice & laughs when she repeatedly brings over plastic Dora figures for a “Zoe kiss.”

I could sit & watch the two of them together all day long. I remember worrying so much about how Faith would adjust to not just having a little sister, but having a little sister who had spina bifida as well. I am finding all my fears were for nothing. They love each other so much. Faith could care less about Zoe’s spina bifida. It is really NOT a big deal to her or us (most of the time ;)) She’s just happy to have a little sister to kiss & love on.  And Zoe is getting pretty attached to her too.


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