My baby is TWO?!?

When Faith turned one last year, I was a mess. I couldn’t believe my baby, the one we’d waited for, and prayed for so long to have was a year old old! I kept pouring over my photo books from her birth, remembering that day. Surely the birthdays to follow would get easier.

Well, for any new moms out there who might be reading this, let me tell you!

It doesn’t get easier.

I really was convinced I would not be emotional about Faith’s second birthday. After all, it is two. Not the first, not kindergarten, not her sixteenth birthday. Just two. The terrible two’s at that.

But while she napped, John & I snuck around decorating. Our house became a Dora explosion. The grandparents came bearing gifts. The cake was ready (& AMAZING 🙂 )! Her swingset was assembled, the crab sandbox ready with sand toys, her picnic table covered in gifts. 

Finally, she woke up, I got her changed into her Dora attire. No clue that everyone was there & waiting. Balloons decorated the birthday girl’s chair. She bounced around singing, “so happy, so happy,” & told me “no” a million times when I asked her if she was ready to leave her room. Finally, I convinced her to hold my hand, & off we went.

The party was a success, but the entire time she sat in her chair eating ice cream & cake, asking for more “Dora stars” (fondant stars) I kept wondering how did we get here? How is she two years old already? It’s true-I’m going to blink & she’ll be moving away to college. 

My heart just can’t take it. 

I don’t like thinking that the day will come when my babies won’t be babies anymore. When they won’t want momma to sit with them, hold their hand, play in their new color house, or watch Blues’ Clues. As a matter of fact, the day will come when they won’t even like these things anymore. They’ll be interested in clothes, make-up, boys. 

So, for today at least, while I still have the chance, I hold their little hands. We watch all our shows. We swing outside & play in the sandbox. I try to savor every little toothless grin & appreciate all the repetitive “mommy help you’s” that I hear.

Because I already hear Faith asking to sleep in her “big girl bed” & it’s never far from my mind, that yes, both she & Zoe are becoming “big girls.”

Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet Faith. I love you more than you could ever know.


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