There are some things in life that happen that become printed in your mind, stamped on your heart forever. No matter how much time passes, you don’t forget. You remember. These events are like turning points in your life.

Losing my dad at age 18.

The day John proposed.

My wedding.

Those + pregnancy tests 🙂

Faith’s birth.

The diagnosis.

Zoe’s birth.

As we are rolling into spring, so much reminds me of where I was this time last year.  I was clueless to the events that would soon come to pass that would change me personally as well as my family forever.

God was preparing to do a big work in our lives, and we didn’t even know it.  I think about how many times God is busy, working all around us, weaving things together, spinning things into motion.

And we are unaware.

I wonder what Mary thought about when she recalled the days she was oblivious to the fact that she was carrying the savior of the world. Those days right before her world got spun upside down with news she could’ve never dreamed of.

This time last year, my biggest concern was what Faith would wear for Easter Sunday. How would I manage two babies? Did I have enough vacation time for both maternity leave AND summer vacation.  Concerns that seem so trivial now, in hindsight.

It’s funny how little things make you remember those days. When I pull into the parking lot next to the maternal-fetal doc’s office I remember that day John & I sat in his parking lot, crying & angry because we felt God had abandoned us. Looking over last year’s Easter pictures reminds me of the person I have become since those days.

What a difference a year makes!

John & I recently were having one of our crazy discussions, and we were talking about how some of the best songs you hear on the radio have these wildly crazy notes in them. How songs are boring if they are all in the same note. It’s only when something is different, a little “off” that it makes you take notice.

I think sometimes the same is true for our lives. That God allows wildly crazy curveballs to be thrown at us, and yes, at the time it’s hard & difficult, & sometimes it just plain stinks. But those are the best stories. The greatest examples of what HE can do with lives that are truly HIS.

That’s my prayer for my family.

That OUR life together, & OUR story, will be one wildly crazy “off” note.

Happy One Year Anniversary 🙂


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