This & That…

It would be much easier if kids came with an owner’s manual.

Here at the Lovell household, we’ve entered the dreaded Terrible Two’s…

Life has gotten more chaotic, more confusing, more of everything.

We’ve been in the process of trying to determine when is the best time to try Faith in her new toddler bed. How will we know she’s ready to potty-train? Why is she throwing fits & tantrums over the silliest of issues? How do you discipline a two-year old?

Makes my head spin.

Zoe has been learning to eat. A LOT. She’s tried oatmeal, prunes, pears & squash. Since beginning solids, we’ve seen the effects of spina bifida rearing its head in the form of…constipation. It’s normal for babies to get a little stopped up when starting solid foods; spina bifida seems to compound that tendency so to speak. John & I are learning to manage her diet & fluids closely, & with a little help from our friend Miralax, things are working well again 🙂

We’ve also been working hard on tummy time lately. Like Faith, Zoe has not been a fan. I’ve been at my wits’ end trying to figure out how to make tummy time fun, or exciting, or just different. With Faith, we never got concerned that she hated to be on her belly, or even pushed her to do it that often. We just knew that she’d meet milestones in her own time.

With Zoe, things are different. I have three different sets of therapists’ eyes watching her every week, and three different sets of suggestions. Try mirrors. Put her on your lap. Use new toys. As the weeks & months creep by, it becomes even more critical that she participate in tummy time in order to help strengthen her arms & upper body.

Makes my head spin.

I guess last week I had just had enough. It just didn’t seem fair that my sweet Zoe had to work so hard at things other babies did, well, easily. I grew tired of therapists pointing out this & that, work on this, work on that. Try this, try that.

I grew tired of trying to figure out how to tame the terrible two’s. Of wondering what to do to prevent tantrums, ease transitions, etc., etc., etc.

So I had my meltdown. And I got over it. And you know what?

We got up the next day. Zoe rocked the tummy time. Her best ever & came close to rolling. Faith asked for her “big girl bed.” We had minimal toddler tantrums.

And we moved on & started over. After all, it’s a marathon not a sprint….;)


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