What a NIGHT!

Tonight was a first for our family.

Grocery shopping party of four.

Perhaps this picture can sum up our night for you šŸ™‚ …

Disaster. Epic fail. Whatever word you want to use to describe it, it’s probably fitting.

Normally, John & I do our grocery shopping on a night the girls go to visit Nana & Papaw, or I will go by myself. But with the busyness of our weekend including appointments, therapies, traveling, etc., it just wasn’t possible.

Time to go it alone. Or in a party of four, I suppose I should say.

I fully expected Zoe to be the cooperative one. She’s usually more content & relaxed as long as she’s got a full belly & a nap under her belt. I had a discussion with both girls before we left, that I expected them to be on their best behavior šŸ˜‰ to let mommy & daddy get everything we needed at the store. Everything I expected was wrong.

We left with a diaper bag full of goldfish crackers, diapers, Dora DVDs, baby wipes, a hope & a prayer. We came back with a load of groceries, most of which we haphazardly threw into the cart in our efforts to get out before we got kicked out for disturbing the peace. Oh, and minus a few wipes, snacks, diapers & Zoe’s glasses’ case.

I think the Lord needed a good laugh tonight & he must’ve found it amusing to watch us attempt to steer an oversized buggy with a red race car attached to the front, a toddler inside the race car holding a sticker book & a bag of chocolate chip cookies while crying to “hold mommy’s hand,” & a 5 month old in the front letting everyone in Kroger know she’s got a good set of lungs.

I knocked over several displays trying to steer that darn race car cart. Whoever invented the thing sure didn’t test drive it first!

We ate dinner in the car, sitting in the parking lot of Wal-Mart because my youngest offspring decided to continue letting us know how displeased she was with the whole trip unless her belly was full to the max.

We sped out of there as quickly as possibly, vowing NEVER to make the mistake of a huge grocery trip with two kids that young ever again. We drove home singing Zoe to sleep with whatever songs we could think of…a mash-up of Baptist-hymnal-meets-nursery-rhyme sort of deal.

All by the light of my iPhone which Faith used to pop bubbles in a LED aquarium while occasionally putting in a plug for her favorite cartoon character Boots & asking for more “Dora Juice” (aka apple juice šŸ™‚ )

What a night. Whew!


2 thoughts on “What a NIGHT!

  1. Poor thing, sounds like a rough one šŸ™‚

    I’ve learned at which doors my grocery store have the race-car carts and I always go in the other way, then I don’t have to worry about it. Those things are monsterous to try and operate. Toss in 2 kids and you can forget about it. šŸ™‚

    And grocery shopping never gets easier, it just gets crazier because soon they’ll be big enough to walk and they want to ‘help’ you get your things in the cart. Next thing you know you’re begging forgiveness from the maintenence man as you point out the 3 broken pickle jars on aisle number 5 šŸ™‚

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