Our clinic update…

Woke up this morning to what basically looked like a monsoon. And the best part of it all? It was spina bifida clinic day 😉

Spina bifida clinic is an awesome idea that a lot of larger hospitals offer their patients. We use Vanderbilt, & it allows us to see all of Zoe’s doctors in one day. This helps cut back tremendously on the amount of doctor’s visits, trips, & gas money we spend to Nashville 🙂

So after a very slow, very rainy commute to Nashvegas, we finally arrived. Zoe was in a great mood, so off we went with baby, stroller, blankets, & a whole load of extras “just in case.”

The day went very well. We got lots of great reports, surprised our physical & occupational therapists with how well Zoe is doing, & had a few “no news is good news” reports.

The summary…

  • Renal ultrasound continues to look great! No urinary tract infections, no reflux, no cathing necessary 🙂
  • No neuro issues…shunt is working great (knock on wood!) & so we keep trucking along…
  • Gross motor skills are fantastic…Zoe is making good progress on upper body strength, trunk control, & has awesome leg/hip movement. We got a few new ideas for therapy activities, AND…an order for splints to help give her some added support in her ankles. Her ankles have been her weak spot, & so we wanted them mainly for positioning right now. Later, she’ll graduate up to fancier plastic ankle braces when she’s weight-bearing & cruising.
  • Fine motor skills are progressing. She’s laughing, cooing, & had a lot to say in the waiting room during our visit 😉 We’re starting to learn which toys she prefers to play with, she’s reaching & passing toys between both hands.
  • We had scheduled an eye exam several months ago out of concern for the fact that it seemed to take her a while to track & focus on objects. Within the past month she’s gotten MUCH better, so we kept the appointment but really felt she probably didn’t need it. Well, what we actually found out is that Zoe is farsighted. Unlike me, who is VERY nearsighted, she’s the opposite. Our ophthalmologist told us all babies are farsighted, & hopefully as she gets bigger & older she’ll outgrow it. But, in our efforts to be pro-active & prevent the development of additional issues, we are putting her in glasses. Yes, you heard it right. Baby glasses. Teeny, tiny pink ones to be exact. While at first I wasn’t keen on this idea (I mean, how many babies do you see in glasses?) I realized it isn’t going to hurt anything & will allow her eyes to get stronger. Once we saw the optician & fitted her frames, I saw that she looks like a little baby “smarty pants.” I then got a crazy urge to dress her in khaki pants, button-up shirts & cute hats 🙂
  • More good news…we don’t go back for three more months. At that visit, we’ll have another eye doctor check-up to see how things are going & if Zoe has started outgrowing her farsightedness. We’ll also have our first video urodynamics study. More on that business later….

For now….



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