Making time…

John & I have sort of always embraced the idea that less is more 🙂 Even before kids, we tried to make it a priority to not overcommit ourselves (yes, I realize some of you are probably laughing at this!). We tried to make time for date night each week. It was tough.

After kids, it got tougher.

No longer afforded the luxury of just going out spontaneously, our time has become very scheduled. Life revolves around who’s working what day, when does the babysitter come, what time we get off work, what the weekend plans are, etc.

Back in December, John & I started to realize we were overcommitting. Between the holidays, work, church, appointments, therapies, family visits, etc., etc., etc., we had become overstressed, overtired, worried, worn out, whatever word you want to use. That  was us 😦

Something had to change.

Several weeks, a lot of prayer & a little planning later, & behold! New scheduling at the Lovell house.

I must say, this has been one of the best things we’ve ever done for our family. No longer do John & I just trade off “shifts” with caring for the girls. We’ve actually coordinated our schedules so that we have time home. Together. As a family. And, thanks to an awesome sitter, we’ve been able to avoid using daycare which is a HUGE blessing. As an added bonus…John also gets to now attend our Friday PT/OT appointments so that he can be a part of what’s going on with Zoe’s therapies.

This past weekend was one of our first that we got to enjoy in this new arrangement. Our end-of-the week/weekend plans consisted of lots of playing outside, taking walks outside (Faith’s new favorite thing!), baking cookies, & even having a date night for momma & daddy 😉

I have always been a believer that having solid family time together is crucial for our kids…I am realizing how crucial it is for me too 🙂



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