My sweet Christmas…

This year was probably one of my favorite Christmases. After this bittersweet year we’ve had, some of my most cherished memories from Christmas 2010 involve hanging around the house with my husband & precious babies, all snuggled in, with this amazing snowstorm we had.

I remember staying up late, wrapping gifts while John got the privilege of putting this fun mess together…(which eventually became a kitchen!)

I remember watching these kiddos on the couch at Mamaw’s house wondering when exactly did Faith grow to be a “big girl?”

Had a few meltdowns along the way…

I remember having lots of extra time to play with this sweet thing…(who kept scratching her face because her nails grow faster than you’d believe ;))

I remember sitting in the rocker on Christmas Eve, everyone else asleep, holding Zoe & looking out the window watching the snow fall silently in the streetlight, thanking our great God who used a totally unexpected turn of events this year to give us more blessings than we ever could’ve imagined.

My heart was very full this Christmas for my sweet family.

What a year!


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