A quick Christmas update…

It’s been a crazy month at the Lovells! Probably one of the busiest Christmas seasons I can remember. And I don’t really like that much; I like to enjoy  the season at a slow & steady pace. Here’s our month so far…

  • Zoe is doing fantastic! She’s now over 10 pounds, smiling & becoming more interactive every day. Her newest feat is attempting to pull herself to sit up when she holds onto our fingers. We are getting physical/developmental therapy every week, & of course it becomes a daily thing also with the amount of playing we do at our house.
  • Faith learns new things every day. At this point, I really have NO clue how much the kid knows. Just a couple days ago she was playing in the bathtub, & she began counting to ten in Spanish! We attribute her obsession with Dora the Explorer to this new skill. She’s almost mastered her ABC’s, & can count to twenty! Call me biased, but I think she’s a pretty talented 20 month old!
  • John & I are starting to once again function like a well-oiled machine. We know exactly who does which girl’s bath, what time is bedtime, and we have learned to make a “game plan” to tackle the craziness that involves evenings with two small girls. Thankfully, Zoe has fallen right into routine along with Faith & we’re usually able to get them both to bed together. In the same room 😉 We usually end up with a little free time in the evenings, which means we get some time without babies. To breathe. Or more typically, sleep.
  • Our newest adventure is tackling the long drive to eastern Kentucky to visit family in Pike County. We made it here without any major meltdowns thanks to Dora DVDs & lots of stops to fill up babies’ bellies. My hope is the trip back goes just as smoothly 🙂

That’s it for now. Even with all the chaos & craziness that is the Christmas season sometimes, I’m very mindful of just how much our family has to be thankful for this year. Our Lord has graciously blessed both our daughters this year & we continue to watch humbly & he slowly adds to our family’s story.

Merry Christmas from the Lovell family!


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