Favorite moments…

It’s been a big (and busy!) week! Zoe’s first Thanksgiving…although she slept through it and didn’t get to enjoy the yummy food :(. We’ve been busy preparing for Christmas at our house AND I finally convinced John to brave the Black Friday crowd and go see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows for date night ;).

I have however, managed to somehow find a few extra moments to snap some photos of my favorite moments this week.

Faith checking out the Christmas tree (last year she was oblivious to the Christmas season!)

Of course, she just had to touch it!

Zoe ignores the tree this year, but she does notice the toys on her Baby Einstein gym…she even got to wear the Thanksgiving jumper Faith wore to her first Thanksgiving dinner. Still a little big (it’s a 6 month size!) but it did the trick 🙂

But that picture that steals my heart every time is of both my girls together. Since Zoe was born, Faith hadn’t had much opportunity to really hold Zoe yet. She is crazy about her, calls her “Zo-Zo,” loves to pet her head and bring her pacifiers. Zoe is growing & healed up nicely from surgery, so we decided it was time to let big sister take over. I absolutely love the look on Zoe’s face in this pic…

That’s our week in review…feeling especially thankful this week as I remember all the amazing things God continues to do in my life.


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