Clinic #1

Monday was a big day for the Lovell family. We headed out bright & early to Nashville for our first ever Spina Bifida Clinic. I was feeling emotions on two opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand I was excited to see what progress Zoe had made, have a chance to talk with her doctors & therapists, and learn the path we’d journey over the next few months.

On the other hand, I was afraid being blindsided again. Bad news. I’d been there once in May & I don’t want to return. I was afraid of hearing that Zoe needed another surgery. Something unexpected.

Clinic was amazing! As is pretty much anything at Vanderbilt. We started the morning off getting ultrasounds. Head ultrasound to check Zoe’s shunt; hip ultrasound to rule out hip dysplasia; renal ultrasound to make sure her kidneys were healthy & that we didn’t need to be cathing to prevent urinary reflux. Zoe did amazing-she slept through the majority of the ultrasounds & spent the remainder of her time sucking on a pacifier while staring at a toy aquarium with dying batteries.

Next was our actual visits with the doctors. We had good reports from neuro, orthopedics & urology. For now her shunt is working great, she doesn’t need any orthopedic surgeries, and her kidneys & bladder are healthy with no reflux. We were given lots of tips by Zoe’s dietician with advice for starting solids, adding vitamins, etc. Finally, we saw PT/OT who evaluated Zoe. She has great hip & leg function, we just need to continue doing stretches with her feet/ankles.

We’re also doing tons of tummy time with Zoe. She seems to tolerate it a little more than Faith did. Jungle gyms, bumbo seats & rattles have taken over our living room. Faith has even decided she likes to use the bumbo seat again 🙂

Thank you to all my blog readers for your prayers for Zoe’s clinic on Monday. I continually have to remind myself that even if news we receive isn’t what we want it to be, the Lord knows & loves our kids even more than we do. And it is still His story he is writing through their lives. Not mine.

I’m thankful for an uneventful, good clinic visit & Zoe’s great progress. We go back for another check-up in three months. I’m also thankful we were able to attend church last Sunday for the first time as a family of four. During worship, one of the songs we’ve sung for ages stuck out to me. I’ve heard these words a million times, but they hold a new meaning to me now.

This is what I hope comes from our family’s story…

“Not from sorrow, pain, or care,

freedom dare I claim.

This alone shall be my prayer.

Glorify thy name.”



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