What I’ve Learned…Part 1

As we are winding down 2010, I’ve been thinking back over this past year. What a crazy ride it’s been. I started thinking about all that our family has been through as I was trying to think about our Christmas card for the year. For some strange reason, creating our family Christmas card sort of put me in a contemplative mood. It’s weird I know, but somehow to me, our Christmas card sort of sums it all up. Trying to find that perfect picture, or that perfect verse…how on earth could I ever sum up this year?

I’ve decided to keep a running list of the things I’ve learned in 2010; things you can’t say in a card. I’m sure as the days go by I will be able to add MUCH more to this list. Here we go:

  • God is good, all the time.
  • Never underestimate the worth of grandparents living close by!
  • Things could always be worse than they really are.
  • One of life’s biggest blessings is a Godly spouse.
  • Date nights are worth every penny!
  • God shows himself in the strangest, most unexpected places in the times you need it most.
  • Love for your child is a powerful emotion!
  • Life really is out of my control (as much as my type A personality likes to think otherwise! ;))
  • My mind is sometimes my worst enemy.
  • Use every opportunity a babysitter is available!
  • The internet can be a very scary thing.
  • God is good, all the time (again :))
I’m still thinking of things as I look back over this year. I keep thinking of New Years’ Eve, when we all sit together and watch the ball drop. I always think back over our year, and ahead to the new one. I need to make peace with 2010. It was a tough one, but the end result was far worth the pain.
So I’m keeping my running list of things I learned this year.
I’d love to hear about your year…what sticks out the most?

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