One at a time…

Christmas has arrived at the Lovell house! We decided this weekend it was time. Yes, I know. Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet, but that’s okay. We’ll incorporate them both. John & I are both in the Christmas spirit. The sounds of Pandora’s Christmas music fill the house. My gingerbread men are beginning to take over. I have the girls’ Christmas pajamas washed & ready.

With two kids (plus a TON of other engagements going on!) decorating this year is a multi-step process. Yesterday we got the boxes out of the attic. Today I started putting things out. The tree comes after that 🙂

We’re having a very busy but productive weekend! Come Monday we have Zoe’s first Spina bifida clinic at Vanderbilt. I can’t deny that I’m a bit nervous about it. She’s doing so well, & I always fear the possibility of hearing news I don’t want. I want two steps forward, not one step back.

Still learning to live one day at a time. Sort of like Christmas decorating.

One step, one box at a time. Too much at once is nothing but overwhelming chaos.


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