Enjoying the holiday…

John & I were caught a little unprepared this year for Halloween. We hadn’t expected to be home with Zoe so soon, or that we’d be able to do dress-up and trick or treat. Thankfully, we were home & Zoe is doing great, so we decided to improvise & make the girls’ costumes. I think it worked out great!

This outfit is actually mine from when I was a baby. Funny how nursing seems to run in the family, starting from babyhood 🙂

Zoe wore my nurse’s outfit to our church’s fall festival. We sort of put Faith’s together from a dress & accessories we had at home. She was so proud of it….doesn’t she look cute?

Zoe was too young to trick-or-treat of course. But you know we had to dress her up! She made a cute little pumpkin!

So thankful we got to experience our first Halloween together at home as a family!


One thought on “Enjoying the holiday…

  1. They look great! How special to have a baby costume passed down. I’m so happy Zoe was home so quick so you all could have this Halloween to celebrate together!

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