My favorite part of pregnancy…

So pregnancy has always been a mixed bag for me. On one hand, I love feeling the baby move, seeing the baby on ultrasound (although I now have a slightly different view of that!), and not having to carry heavy things. On the other hand, I hate feeling three times my usual size, not being able to roll over in bed as easily due to my growing belly, and feeling tired all the time (although John would say I always claim to be in need of a nap 😉 )

There is one thing I love about pregnancy, though, that I wish I could keep around even after the baby is born:

Nesting is a type A personality’s dream come true. Despite all the aches & pains that accompany growing & carrying around another human being, when it hits there is no stopping it. And I love it!
So far, I’ve managed to start organizing the girls’ closets, organized all my kitchen & hallway cabinets, finally framed & mounted several family photos on my walls I’ve been intending to hang, & painted my laundry room. I even cleaned baseboards & ceiling fans, normally not one of my favorite tasks.

This list doesn’t include the things John has gotten done around the house lately-sometimes I think he gets a male version of the nesting instinct when I’m pregnant. But you definitely won’t find me complaining about that!

I still have 10 weeks left to go until we meet Zoe; let’s hope she holds out that long & so does the nesting. I still have more things on my to-do list that need done. I definitely don’t want to switch gears & end up like this:


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