A Girl’s Best Friend…

This past week was a little chaotic around the Lovell household. John & I took a few days to begin our preparations for baby Zoe’s arrival. Since she is daughter #2, we are very fortunate that we are well-stocked on baby girl items. So this time around, our focus has been home improvements. We figure that once she arrives, those first few months will  be so busy with juggling two kids, doctor’s appointments, sleep deprivation, etc., that who will time to think about home maintenance?

We now have a running list of to-do items before Zoe is born we’re quickly checking off: painting, adding shelving, extra insulation, car maintenance, landscaping, etc. But in the midst of all this “maintaining,” I forgot about one important family member: our dog Murphy.

Last Thursday we noticed him limping on his back leg & crying. Unable to find any obvious problem, we went to bed hoping he’d sleep it off. Instead, he laid around like this all day:

So bright & early Friday morning I loaded up all 30 lbs of him into the Prius, & off to vet we go! About 30 minutes (and $100 bucks!) later, we discovered Murphy has a sprained hip. Poor guy. He’s now doing a bit better on his new medication, but it was a bit of a wake-up call to me as I’d always overlooked the fact that amidst the busyness of our family schedules, our beloved family dog is getting older 😦

Murphy has definitely been soaking up the extra love lately…doesn’t look too spoiled, does he?

He’s been a very important member of our family now for five years…Faith loves him & her new favorite word is “dog.” I love seeing the two of them play together, and nothing could be sweeter for this momma than watching both of our girls play with our sweet Murphy. I’m sure he’ll love Zoe just as much as he loves Faith…the two of them have been best buds since the beginning!


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