A Little YouTube Encouragement!

Recently I came across a couple videos on YouTube that I fell in love with & thought I’d share. They are of a kid named Owen (no, I don’t know him!) who has spina bifida. His spinal lesion was at L1, the highest lumbar vertebrae. This is much higher than what we’ve been told to expect Zoe’s at. In general, the lower the lesion the better. That’s why I love these videos-just goes to show you that kids are capable of achieving amazing things!

Plus-I am a sucker for the songs in these videos!

Here’s Owen first learning to walk:

Here he is again at two years old. Wait till you see the difference!

These videos are so encouraging to me-this mom was told her baby would never walk & he obviously proved his doctors wrong! I am realizing spina bifida is such an odd condition-unlike other medical disorders it is nearly impossible to predict exactly what these kids are capable of achieving. It is so variable!

My hope & prayer for baby Zoe is that she does exactly as Owen has-amazes everyone with how much she achieves in life. One day I pray she is able to tell the story of how far God has brought her, even from before she was born.

Speaking of her birth, I have about 14 weeks until she’s full-term. And I am so ready for that time to get here so we can meet Zoe, I can hold her & kiss her little cheeks just like I do Faith’s! 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Little YouTube Encouragement!

  1. it melted my heart when he would clap after every step! such a sweet, amazing child. i’m sure Zoe will be too! =]

  2. These are great videos! I find so much encouragement is the success of these amazing gifts from God.

    We are continuing to pray for you, your husband and sweet baby girl on the way. It’s great to read the excitement that is building in your posts lately and see how your heart is feeling so much more encouraged then it was just a few weeks ago.

    Wishing you all the best-

    SB Kids Board Mom friend
    Mom to Jack (5), Benjamin (3 1/2) and Annabelle (11 mos today! has SB and shunted Hydro)

  3. Hillary have they told you yet where they believe baby Zoe’s lesion is at yet? We were told we I had about 13 weeks left! Was just wondering? God Bless You and your family!

  4. Melissa-We have had two advanced ultrasounds by two different perinatologists-they both told us sacral. They said they could see the thoracic/lumbar spine just fine, but could only see splayed vertebrae in the sacral area. They were not able to see nerves or anything else. Where was your daughter’s lesion?

  5. Hi Hillary! I found your blog via babycenter.com and was struck by the similarities in our recent experiences. My baby is also a girl (Lourdes), due in October 2010 and has SB (apparently a very small and low opening – considered mild). So, it was amazing and comforting to read about another woman who is experiencing sorrow (I am half Dutch, so I really appreciated the Holland metaphor), fear (I vomit before and after every ultrasound now) and joy (we are truly blessed with our unborn daughters). Plus, I love the YouTube videos of the spina bifida babies. I laughed and cried watching them. I seem to do that a lot lately! I wish you, baby Zoe and your family all of the best. And I’ll pray that God will bless our special October babies with health, while He blesses us with courage and strength. Lovely blog!


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