Missing Out :(

On a much lighter note, here is what I’m missing this week…

Yep, snuggling with my baby girl before bedtime 🙂 I’m so glad she gets to spend some extra time with Nana & Papaw this week, but John & I are definitely missing our baby girl!


One thought on “Missing Out :(

  1. It was a year ago that we received the news of our daughter’s spina bifida. I can relate to all the emotions and feelings and fears you blog about. I also understand your faith. Our God has sustained us and given us a beautiful daughter who is a delight to all of us. (she has 4 older silbings, too) It is not always easy, to be sure. We’re navigating braces and other fun things, but God is faithful. I came across your blog while doing some research on spina bifida before going to the Orthopedic doctor tomorrow. I blog about our journey if you care to read another Mom’s spina bifida experiences. Blessnings to you and your precious daughter.

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