The Day I’ll Never Forget…

Despite all the things moms worry about during pregnancy, no one really ever goes to their “big” ultrasound expecting to get bad news. I’m probably one of the biggest worry-warts around, but deep down I honestly expected to hear “it’s a boy,” or “it’s a girl!”  That day had finally came. May 19, 2010.

John & I went in to our ultrasound-SD card, videotape in hand, ready to capture the moment on film. Our tech started the procedure, and never said much. It only took about 10 minutes. The baby wasn’t cooperating very well, so he couldn’t tell us the gender. At this point, nerves crept in & I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach something wasn’t right.

Fast-forward a bit, we are sitting in the exam room waiting on the doctor. My mind is racing with a million thoughts & prayers combined, when he came in. Very calmly we were informed the ultrasound tech thought he saw something concerning on the baby’s spine, so we will have to have a repeat scan in one month.

One month.

Who tortures a pregnant woman by making her wait a month?

In a matter of a few short words, my sinking feeling had become my new reality. I knew something was up, even though the doctor acted otherwise. Call it a mother’s intuition. Maybe it was the Lord preparing me to begin the most difficult struggle of my life. Whatever you call it, it was not a good day.

And so begins a new chapter of just figuring it out…


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