Keeping Score

When John & I were first married, we were told the first year of marriage was the most difficult. In some ways “they” were correct. After all, we did have to set some ground rules…

Spend money or save it? Toothpaste cap on or off? Toilet seat up or down?

But that first year was just the beginning. We had (& still do have) a lot of learning & growing to do.

In case you didn’t know, my hubby has a blog! Although I always think his posts are very insightful & full of wisdom, I liked his latest one so much I had to borrow part of it for my own.

Here’s a little excerpt from it about the latest goal in our marriage.

Keeping score.

A conversation begins with a spouse about recent activities, and the comparison process begins. They tell you something overly simple that they did today, you explain the project that took you half the day to complete. Seeing as they live a “far-easier-than-yours” lifestyle, you mention the task that you thought worthy of their endless free-time hours. Big surprise, disappointment. You make sure to note each activity that you accomplished that contributed to the family, especially those that were less enjoyable, noting sacrifice. By the end of it, one of you is saying those inevitable words that we’ve all thought of at one time or another…

I have to do everything!

Want to see how it ends? Click here!


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